Q. How will you ensure that the papers you accept are of the high quality required both for conferences and journals in terms of validity and integrity?
A. All submitted material receives a substantial number of reviews by subject-matter experts before being accepted.
Q. Concerning your peer reviewers, what positions do they uphold in society and how can they substantiate their academic status?
A. The individuals who review submitted material have academic integrity within their scholarly communities. In seeking diverse academic viewpoints, we have selected scholars from the global community who have achieved academic recognition amongst their peers in the same field of study.
Q. Is there a maximum number of papers I can present at a conference?
A. While there is no limit to the number you can submit, we will only approve a maximum of three papers for any one author to present at a conference.
Q. If an article is rejected, can I re-submit the article for reconsideration?
A. You can re-submit your rejected article to be reconsidered by our editorial panel.
Q. If I will be unable to attend a conference, can I still submit an article for publishing?
A. If you gave prior notification of this possibility to the organising committee, we will allow for the article submission. However, if no notification is given prior to the conference, we will be unable to accept the material.
Q. Is it possible to attend a conference without the aim of publishing any material?
A. You can attend any conference without submitting a paper as this is not compulsory.
Q. Does the conference have any benefits that I would not find elsewhere?
A. Conferences offer unique opportunities in terms of connecting people both on a local and non-local level, so attendees have the chance to share information and benefit from the networking opportunities available. As a bonus, conference attendees receive free USBs that include the papers presented at the conference.
Q. Is it possible for me to reject a registration?
A. Yes, but there are rules and regulations in place to handle such rejections.