Global Academy of Health and Life Sciences (GAHLS)
Global Academy of Health and Life Sciences (GAHLS) based in Australia, our research centre with leading professionals from around the globe sets the highest standards for research on Health, Life Sciences, Agriculture and Environment. Our diverse expertise and proven methodology allows us to rapidly advance the evolution of learning to share our knowledge on the global stage. By specializing in cutting-edge technology, we can provide research epistemology that supports researchers; ensuring a path of success for all our associates. Our ultimate goal is to promote research on the above-mentioned areas to benefit all mankind.
GAHLS mission
Our mission at the Global Academy of Health and Life Sciences (GAHLS) is to reinvigorate the research sector for these sciences by providing a global-level platform. In ensuring that our research is of the highest quality, we aim to provide solutions that enhance both the education and industry environments. Our research efforts will help to connect our associates by solidifying successes and increasing their networking capabilities. By further investing in the future of our associates, we also invest in our own future by working to set the standards in proven research. Overall, we endeavour to achieve the optimal research climate that offers the most relevant actionable knowledge at GAHLS.
GAHLS vision
Within the next five years, GAHLS expects to be at the forefront of growing organizations that share their research. Through our dedicated practices, we have ensured the future of GAHLS and its associates by accumulating a vast wealth of proven research. We strive to enhance the management of global research so that the knowledge we gain today expands the possibilities of research that becomes available tomorrow. By availing our associates of the best research available, we can help to consolidate the efficient learning they desire, and implement the work context strategies they require. We will always endeavour to produce cost and time effective research for the benefit of mankind.
GAHLS Journals
GAHLS management is pleased to share the news that we will start to publish the following two journals on a regular basis in 2018. Both publications will be peer-reviewed and open-access journals. These two journals will provide an international forum for researchers, academicians and other professionals involved in the subject areas concerned. GAHLS welcomes you all to publish with these two journals.

International Journal of Contemporary Research in Health and Life Sciences
(IJCRHLS, ISBN – 978-0-6481172-3-0 )

International Journal of Contemporary Research in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
(IJCRAES, ISBN – 978-0-6481172-4-7)